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"Life is too short to drink bad wine.”  Anonymous
Vini Bianchi
1.  Garganega, Torre del Falasco, Venice
Pale lemon in colour, with a fresh perfume of white flowers and citrus fruit.  It is fine and minerally on the palate, with lifted lemon zest on the finish.  This wine has enough body to stand up to food while retaining a crisp, fresh quality that ensures it is also great on its own.
2. Soave Classico, Monteforte, Venice
Light, clean and bright, with a lovely floral nose with notes of ripe peach and almond. The wine shows excellent depth on the palate and a lovely balance between ripe, aromatic fruit and fresh, zingy acidity. 
Soave Classico, Monteforte, Venice
3. Pinot Grigio,Corte Giara, Venice
Bright straw yellow in the glass with light and delicate aromas showing lovely Pinot Grigio character.  Elegant floral notes are complemented by richer hints of Golden Delicious apples. This wine with its dry, racy palate and good depth and definition is a sure-fire winner.
4. I Muri Bianco, Puglia
Straw yellow in colour with golden reflections. Lifted aromas of peaches and stone fruit with some citrus notes, which follow on to the palate. This wine is crisp with refreshing acidity.
I Muri Bianco,  Puglia
5.Vermentino, Sardegna
Clear, pale straw in colour. The bouquet is both delicate and richly aromatic with perfumes of white flowers and pear.Crisp and dry, the wine is full-flavoured with pineapple and yellow stone fruits and an appealing finesse that continues though to the finish.
Vermentino, Sardegna
6. Fiano, Vesevo, Napoli
Straw yellow with green highlights. An intense, quite persistent bouquet with fruity notes of banana and pear. As it ages, the wine develops a nutty aroma. On the palate it is dry and harmonious, with good acidity that makes the wine refreshing and easy-drinking.
Fiano, Vesevo, Napoli
7. Falanghina, Vesevo, Napoli
Low temperature fermentation has retained the fresh, crisp and aromatic quality of the wine whilst still allowing its character to shine through. Perfumes of white flowers and white melon with mineral notes provide a backdrop to the full, ripe palate and lift the finish. An elegant wine, with a touch of honey on the finish.
8. Lugana, I Frati, Lombardia
Light yellow in colour with a concentrated but fresh perfume of white flowers, peaches and ripe lemons. On the palate it has excellent depth and balance, with lovely richness and a crisp, lively finish.
Lugana I Frati Lombardia
9. Ribolla Gialla, Venice
Pale golden yellow with green hues. The wine has an intense aroma of ripe apples with notes of vanilla and citrus fruits.  It is complex and well integrated on the palate with a rich texture and a long, fresh finish.
Ribolla Gialla, Venice
10. Friulano,  Livio Felluga, Venice
Bright yellow with wonderful greenish hues. The nose is intense with typical aromas of mint, citrus peel, vanilla, liquorice, gunpowder, thyme and marjoram.  These are complemented with tropical notes and intriguing balsamic and mineral characters.  The wine is well-balanced, full and elegant with a pleasant acidity and a quintessential bitter almond aftertaste integrated with the balsamic note on the long finish.
Friulano,  Livio Felluga, Venice
This is a light, soft Frizzante.  Pale straw yellow in colour with delicate notes of Williams pear and stone fruits, it is clean and balanced on the palate with a fresh finish.

Champagne  Moet & Chandon



Vini Rose
Rosato,  A Mano, Bari                        
Bright pink in colour with a lively, youthful perfume of ripe strawberries and a touch of fresh mint. On the palate it is surprisingly full-bodied with good structure, perfectly balanced with a delicate fruit character and zesty, lightly spiced finish.
Vini Rossi
1. Corvina,Torre del Falasco, Venice          
Bright and fresh in the glass, this wine opens with perfumes of
juicy red cherries. The wine is youthful with a soft approachable
structure that is given depth by the partial drying process. It has good balance with lovely bitter cherry notes on the finish.
2. Merlot,  Venice                             
Intense ruby red colour.  Attractive aromas of ripe red berry fruit
follow through on to the palate. This wine is velvety, round and full-bodied. 
The Merlot is riper and juicier than other Merlots from the Veneto, and offers great value.
3. Montepulciano D Abruzzo                  
Ruby red in colour with garnet hints.  On the nose this is intense, 
with vibrant dark bramble fruits, complemented by floral and spice characters. 
These follow through on to the palate which is concentrated, full-bodied and well-balanced with firm tannins.
4.Valpolicella,Corte Giara, Venice            
Intense and inviting ruby red. Characteristic hints of cherries and pepper are followed by subtle herbal nuances. Dry and well-balanced, the traditional fresh acidity balances the soft fruitiness producing a supple, yet feisty wine.
Valpolicella, Corte Giara, Venice
5.I Muri, Negroamaro, Puglia                 
Intense and inviting ruby red. Characteristic hints of cherries and pepper are followed by subtle herbal nuances. Dry and well-balanced, the traditional fresh acidity balances the soft fruitiness producing a supple, yet feisty wine.
I Muri, Negroamaro, Puglia
6.Cannonau, Sardegna                         
A luminous ruby red. The nose is intensely vinous, typical of Cannonau, with aromas of ripe wild fruit and berries and delicate notes of violets. 
The palate is warm, full bodied and well-rounded thanks to soft tannins with an almost endless finish.
Cannonau, Sardegna
7.Chianti Classico, Tuscany                           
A deep ruby wine, with vibrant fresh plum, blackberry and spice aromas.
Full-bodied on the palate with soft supple tannins, plenty of plum and cherry fruit and a touch of cinnamon spice from the oak ageing.
8.Valpolicella Ripasso, Venice                         
Ruby red in colour, with a concentrated perfume of red and black cherries, with the ripasso adding a dried cherry intensity. Full-bodied on the palate, with a lovely balance between opulent cherry-pie character and supple structure. Good length with a mouthwatering bitter-cherry twist on the finish.
9.Amarone Classico della Valpolicella, Venice         
Intense and inviting ruby red in colour.  The characteristic hints of cherry and pepper are particularly enjoyable in this wine, and are then followed by subtle herb nuances. Dry and well-balanced. The traditional acidic note combines well with the softness of the fruit to form a satisfying contrast and produce a supple, feisty wine.
10.Barolo, Le Albe, Piemonte                         
Brilliant and finely sculpted on the palate, the 2010 dazzles from the very first taste. 
Expressive, floral notes give way to bright red fruit, mint and crushed berries in a vibrant, striking Barolo. In most vintages, Le Albe is juicy and fruit-driven,but in 2010 it is above all the wine‘s minerality that shines through.
Barolo, Le Albe, Piemonte
11.Brunello Di Montalcino, Tuscany                   
An intense ruby red with garnet hues. The typical aromas of violets and small red berries are followed by hints of vanilla, cedar and coffee. On the palate it is full-bodied and warm with a densely-woven texture and robust tannins, while the finish is persistent and rounded. Good capacity for ageing.




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